iPad Stand

Product Details

Cooking along side your iPad is far more effective when it’s displayed upright. Whether you’re up close or watching from across the kitchen, with two viewing angles you’ll always have the perfect view. When all is said and done, toss the stand into the dishwasher like any other kitchen tool.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant to 350°F (175°C)
  • Two viewing angles
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Made from recycled paper composite
  • National Sanitary Foundation approved material
  • Forest Stewardship Council approved material
  • Works with iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, and iPad Air
  • 4” wide by 5.2” deep by 0.75” tall

Made in the USA

At The Orange Chef Co. we are hands-on about the design and make of all of our products. With our unique blend of modernism and tradition, we work locally to ensure better partner relationships, higher quality goods, and reduced shipping emissions. The iPad Stand is designed in California and Made in Minnesota.

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